Civil Solutions

Civil Solutions

Our Columbus arbitration and mediation lawyers can provide the solution you need. While arbitration and mediation are different, both are alternative dispute resolution methods that can prove more cost-effective and confidential than traditional litigation.

Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. was the first law firm in Ohio to form a division, known as Friedman & Mirman Civil Solutions, to provide mediation and arbitration services. We are available to offer both of these services to parties and attorneys throughout the state.

Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. Civil Solution’s mission is to help resolve disputes between two or more parties without their having to resort to going to trial in court. We promote settlement between parties through effective, compassionate, and confidential mediation and arbitration.

Resolving a Dispute through Mediation

If you are involved in a family legal dispute, like a divorce, it may be advantageous for you to seek a resolution without going to trial. Mediation provides a safe environment for parties to seek a mutual agreement through peaceful negotiations. Under the supervision and direction of a neutral third party (the mediator), you and the other person will be assisted to arrive at a settlement that works best for both of you. The mediator only acts as a guide and will not make any decisions on your behalf. Once all matters pertaining to your dispute are resolved, your attorneys will put the agreement in writing and you will have a brief final hearing. Your agreement then becomes a court order.

Some significant differences between mediation and litigation include:

  • You will not be expected to testify
  • You may choose to not be in the same room as the other party
  • The decision is left completely to you and your spouse instead of to a judge
  • There is no such thing as a winner or loser in mediation

Resolving a Dispute through Arbitration

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that more closely resembles traditional litigation. It is more formal and adversarial than mediation, but it can be much faster, more confidential, and less expensive than a trial in a court. During an arbitration hearing, the parties will present evidence to an arbitrator. The arbitrator is a qualified individual who may be a respected lawyer, a former judge, or someone with a similar background. This arbitrator acts as a judge, being given the power to decide the dispute. The decision given by the arbitrator will be binding on both parties. Many people choose arbitration when they cannot reach an agreement on one or more issues, but they prefer a confidential arbitration as opposed to a trial in a public courtroom, and they want a faster hearing and decision than what is typically possible in a court trial.

Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. is one of the very few firms in the State of Ohio to have both partners honored to be named as fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and to have both partners named by Best Lawyers in America as Best Lawyers in Family Law, but also as “Lawyer of the Year” in Family Law. Our two principals are also designated as certified specialists in Family Relations Law by the Ohio State Bar Association. When you choose our Columbus firm to guide you through the mediation or arbitration process, you are choosing a team who not only understands Family Law, but who is dedicated to helping you find an alternative to contentious and expensive litigation. Of course, in many cases divorce affects children too. Our highly qualified lawyers can help improve communication with your spouse and avoid future conflicts.

Why should you choose Civil Solutions over litigation?

  • Going through a divorce or other conflict is painful enough. Mediation can help you avoid the lengthy and expensive process of litigation, and arbitration can resolve your case generally more quickly than can the courts, and without public court hearings.
  • Mediation can provide an environment that fosters improved communication and personal responsibility, and sets the stage for joint decision-making.
  • When you arrive at a mediated agreement, you are taking ownership of your legal issues. By settling out of court, YOU make your decision - not a judge.
  • Mediation and arbitration are completely confidential.

Alternative divorce solutions like arbitration and mediation normally involve only the parties concerned and a neutral third party, although we have a neutral network of accountants, appraisers, business evaluators, psychologists, and other professionals to assist in arbitration or mediation if needed. By carefully matching the specific needs of each client’s case with the individual strengths of our arbitrators, mediators, and the professional resources available to us, we assemble a team to help people reach their individual goals.

Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A.'s Civil Solutions is committed to providing the most professional, effective mediation and arbitration services available in Ohio. Call 614-412-3943 to schedule a Consultation.

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