What are the Benefits of a Mediated Divorce?

Why You Should Consider Mediation

When you or your spouse decide to file for divorce, you may be worried that you're going to end up in front of a judge who will decide your future. While this may happen in a litigated divorce, it’s not your only option.

Mediation can offer a number of benefits over traditional litigation that can help make the divorce process quicker, cheaper, and more private.

Mediation is Often Quicker

When you and your spouse are able to sit down with a mediator and work out the terms of your divorce, the process often goes much quicker than it would if you went before a judge. While every process is different, mediation can typically result in your divorce being finalized in about six months after required waiting periods.

Mediation is More Private

Unfortunately, when your divorce is handled by a judge, the details of your marriage will be heard in open court, cutting out any level of privacy you wished to maintain. Mediation details can be kept confidential. This not only benefits you, but it also can keep any negative details of your divorce from being known by your children.

Mediation Puts You in Charge

While a judge will typically have the final say on the terms of your divorce, mediation allows you and your spouse to decide everything, such as child and spousal support and property distribution. Since you’re coming to a mutual agreement with your spouse, there are no winners or losers in mediation.

You Can Avoid Being with the Other Party

Since mediation is done through attorneys and your mediator, you don’t actually have to sit in the same room and face your spouse throughout the proceedings. This can take a great deal of stress off of your shoulders.

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