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Once a divorce has been finalized, many people are relieved to finally get a fresh start, away from the conflicted environment of stress and anxiety which they have suffered for so long. Therefore, when you discover that your ex-spouse or partner has rejected or ignored the court orders they had previously agreed to comply with, you will likely be feeling extreme frustration and worry. Whether the court orders were regardingsupport for spousal needs or child needs, or other arrangements regarding custody and visitation, the fact that they are refusing to comply means you need to take immediate legal action.

When filing a motion against your former spouse for being in contempt of a judicial order, you will certainly need the support of our contempt or enforcement action lawyers in Columbus. Together, our team at Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. can make sure your ex-partner obeys the law or faces the consequences.

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Defining Contempt of Court or Enforced Action

Many people have come to the incorrect assumption that most examples of “contempt of court” have something to do with losing control over one’s emotions and having a violent outburst of temper within the court. The truth is far different from these dramatic scenarios touted by TV programs. What contempt of court really consists of is one spouse willfully disobeying the directives of the divorce, as previously determined in the divorce trial.

Some of the actions which would be counted as an example of contempt of court include:

  • Refusing or forgetting to make the correct payments for child support
  • Refusing or forgetting to make the correct payments for spousal support
  • Rejecting the dissemination of any property from the marriage, as ordained by the court
  • Breaking the boundaries of the visitation schedule, unless for a proven emergency

To demonstrate that contempt of court has really taken place, your attorney must prove that the perpetrator was completely knowledgeable of the court order and was entirely capable of fulfilling it, but persisted in willfully breaking the order anyway.

Penalties for Contempt of Court

There are many severe penalties for refusing to comply with the orders that have been issued by the court. The results include criminal as well as civil charges, with punishments such as high fines and jail time. Perpetrators are often in danger of losing child visitation or custody rights. Depending on the circumstances and additional suffering you as a victim have received, from having your house be foreclosed or your vehicle repossessed on account of not receiving timely spousal support, then your former partner may often be required to pay for these damages as well.

Powerful Counsel in Your Time of Need

At our offices at Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A., we have experienced a high success rate of helping our clients get back the financial support they were owed. Our knowledgeable attorneys are skilled at demonstrating how perpetrators of contempt of court cases have insulted the justice system, and these ex-spouses tend to comply rapidly once they learn how much they could lose.

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