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When two people get married, no one at the wedding reception congratulating the pair on the start of their “eternal bliss” can foresee the future. Despite everyone’s best intentions, sometimes the emotional bonds between the spouses eventually dissolves, and divorce appears to be the only answer. The trouble is that even if both you and your former partner have mutually decided that separation is the best solution, the process of getting a divorce is an arduous, time-consuming, and expensive event.

Fortunately, in Ohio there exists another option which can save you from spending a lot of extra money and time on a divorce. This alternative, known as marriage dissolution, has the same outcome of divorce without the complications. Our Columbus dissolution attorneys at Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. are ready to help you negotiate your separation as smoothly as possible.

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What Is Marriage Dissolution?

You may not have heard of the term "marriage dissolution" before, since many people take the common tactic of divorce. In reality, however, dissolution is an excellent alternative because the two parties can come to their own agreement and compromise settling any separation issues, all before they come to the court. By resolving these issues beforehand and putting them into an organized document, the parties can avoid spending extra financial costs and limit the time spent waiting for a decision.

Just some of the separation issues that the parties can settle beforehand include:

Once these factors have been settled, the lawyers of the parties can draw up the written agreement and take it to court. The one caveat is that the clients must agree on every single settlement for every issue, or else the dissolution will not be completed.

How Long Does Marriage Dissolution Take?

Like any other legal process, the time it takes to completely process the dissolution is largely dependent on the involved parties. If they can come to a full agreement sooner rather than later, than the dissolution can be finished even earlier than the average six months. Once all of the necessary forms, documents, and other aspects of the separation agreement have been met, the court will usually take between 30 to 90 days to make sure everything is in order. If there are any shared parenting plans for the children, in regards to child custody or visitation, these will also be discussed prior to the court appearance. Usually, only a single court appearance is necessary to finalize the parties' decision.

Advocacy You Can Trust

Marriage dissolution is extremely opportune for those looking for a quiet, smooth process of divorce, a separation that does not come with the complex, exhausting drama of normal resources. Many law offices to not even offer this beneficial process because it is a newer option, but here at Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. we care about your comfort and convenience, personalizing your case to fit your needs.

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