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Are you looking for a prompt and efficient way to resolve your family legal dispute that doesn’t involve going to court? Our Columbus arbitration and mediation lawyers can provide the solution you need. While arbitration and mediation are different, both are alternative dispute resolution methods that can prove more cost-effective and confidential than traditional litigation.

Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. was the first law firm in Ohio to form a division, known as Friedman & Mirman Civil Solutions, to provide mediation and arbitration services. We are available to offer both of these services to parties and attorneys throughout the state.

If you would like to learn more about arbitration and mediation, call Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. today at (614) 412-3943. Work with a certified specialist in family law.

Differences Between Mediation and Litigation

If you are involved in a family legal dispute, like a divorce, it may be advantageous for you to seek a resolution without going to trial. Mediation provides a safe environment for parties to seek a mutual agreement through peaceful negotiations.

Under the supervision and direction of a neutral third party (the mediator), you and the other person will be assisted to arrive at a settlement that works best for both of you. The mediator only acts as a guide and will not make any decisions on your behalf. Once all matters pertaining to your dispute are resolved, your attorneys will put the agreement in writing and you will have a brief final hearing. Your agreement then becomes a court order.

Some significant differences between mediation and litigation include:

  • You will not be expected to testify
  • You may choose to not be in the same room as the other party
  • The decision is left completely to you and your spouse instead of to a judge
  • There is no such thing as a winner or loser in mediation

Resolving a Dispute through Arbitration

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that more closely resembles traditional litigation. It is more formal and adversarial than mediation, but it can be much faster, more confidential, and less expensive than a trial in a court. During an arbitration hearing, the parties will present evidence to an arbitrator. The arbitrator is a qualified individual who may be a respected lawyer, a former judge, or someone with a similar background.

This arbitrator acts as a judge, being given the power to decide the dispute. The decision given by the arbitrator will be binding on both parties. Many people choose arbitration when they cannot reach an agreement on one or more issues, but they prefer a confidential arbitration as opposed to a trial in a public courtroom, and they want a faster hearing and decision than what is typically possible in a court trial.

Benefits of Mediation in Family Law Disputes

Mediation is a popular alternative to traditional litigation for resolving family law disputes. It involves a neutral third-party mediator who helps the parties in a dispute reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Here are some benefits of choosing mediation:

  • Cost-effective: Mediation is often less expensive than going to court.
  • Less time-consuming: Mediation can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for all parties and can be completed in a matter of hours or days.
  • Less stressful: Litigation can be emotionally draining, while mediation is a more collaborative process that can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • More control: Parties have more control over the outcome of their dispute in mediation than in litigation.
  • Confidential: Mediation is a confidential process, which can be important in family law cases where privacy is a concern.

At Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A., our experienced mediation attorneys can help guide you through the mediation process and work to achieve a resolution that is in the best interests of your family. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. for Your Family Law Mediation?

At Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A., we understand that family law disputes can be emotionally challenging and complex. That's why our experienced mediation attorneys in Columbus are committed to helping you navigate the mediation process with compassion, sensitivity, and professionalism.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your family law mediation needs:

  • Personalized attention: We take the time to understand your unique circumstances, concerns, and goals to develop a tailored mediation plan that meets your needs.
  • Extensive experience: Our mediation attorneys have years of experience helping families resolve a wide range of family law disputes, including divorce, child custody, support, and property division.
  • Collaborative approach: We work closely with all parties involved to facilitate productive and respectful communication, identify common ground, and find mutually acceptable solutions.
  • Cost-effective: Mediation is often a more cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Protective of your children: We prioritize the well-being of your children and encourage parents to work together to make decisions that are in their best interests.

Contact us today to learn more about our family law mediation services and how we can help you achieve a favorable outcome.

The Right Solution for Your Family Legal Dispute

At Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A., we are committed to helping our clients find the legal solutions that work best for their situation. While we are fully equipped to go to trial and aggressively fight to protect your best interests, we can also guide you through the arbitration or mediation process if that suits your circumstances better. Get in touch today to learn what method of resolving your dispute is right for you.

To discuss your case with our Columbus arbitration and mediation attorneys, call (614) 412-3943 or complete our online contact form now. Our aim is to help you resolve your dispute with dignity.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of mediation over litigation?

Mediation is typically a faster, more confidential and less expensive method for resolving disputes compared to traditional litigation. Parties involved in the dispute can also choose to not be in the same room as each other, and there is no such thing as a winner or loser in mediation.

What happens during an arbitration hearing?

During an arbitration hearing, parties will present evidence to an arbitrator who acts as a judge. The arbitrator will make decisions on behalf of both parties and the decision given by them is binding.

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