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In the United States, citizens are known for valuing their independence over almost every other quality. However, while we all affirm that national freedom is of utmost importance, there are times when we must rely on different support systems to care for our families and ourselves in some of the most difficult circumstances. While a state of financial dependence, particularly one that involves a divorced spouse, may not be your ideal situation, there are certain extreme circumstances where it could become necessary.

Whether you are a spouse or a parent seeking support on account of extreme circumstances, or a spouse or parent seeking to be free from giving support due to changing situations, our team at Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. is ready to help. Trust our spousal support and child support lawyers in Columbus to be by your side through any complications.

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Child Support for Your Children’s Best Interests

In the state of Ohio, there are some key statutory laws designed to establish the levels of child support. The way that these guidelines are determined are based on a number of crucial factors.

Some of the most key components in establishing the amount of child support you could get include:

  • The financial amount of you and your former partner’s incomes
  • The amount of time your child resides with you
  • The number of expenses incurred for basic living needs
  • The abundance of your child’s additional needs for healthcare, education, medical bills, disability, and more
  • Any crucial emergencies which have suddenly occurred that would inhibit you from caring for your child or offering support to your former spouse for childcare

Depending on your individual situation, there might be some challenging complexities that require extra scrutiny to resolve (such as one parent trying to hide their actual income, or another parent involved in illegal activity). Our experienced lawyers can help counsel you of the best plan of action in these complicated situations.

Spousal Support that Meets Your Individual Needs

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is not usually given to either spouse except under extreme circumstances. The usual scenarios where alimony is awarded might include situations where one partner is disabled, encounters an unexpected and debilitating emergency, or is inhibited by age or background from earning an income. In these scenarios, a spouse who is divorced from their spouse may be able to gain alimony, either temporarily or permanently.

Alternatively, a spouse who has been giving alimony might also encounter sudden extreme scenarios that prevent them from continuing spousal support. No matter the situation, you will need our knowledgeable spousal support and child support attorneys in Columbus to offer their dedicated counsel.

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