• They are competent, responsive and fair.
    I rarely write reviews but cant pass up the opportunity to recommend Rob Letson and this firm. If you have to go through family law issues, look no further. They are competent, responsive and fair. They care about clients and get results.

    - Beth.

  • I am forever grateful.
    During a time when you are scared and emotions run high I am glad I trusted Denise Mirman and Heather Sobel to get my divorce done. They were both accessible day and night by text, phone or email. They were there to calm my nerves multiple times while being direct and assertive with opposing counsel at the same time. It was reassuring to know that my attorneys valued my case and the healthy outcome for my daughter and I. They both helped me through the most difficult time in my life and I am forever grateful.

    - Michele G.

  • Thorough and supportive
    Denise and Valeriya were excellent - thorough and supportive. They helped me through a tough situation and worked extremely hard to get it resolved.

    - Fransisca J.

  • I highly recommend!
    Denise Mirman, Heather Sobel and Team did an awesome job bringing my spousal support situation to closure. This was a huge burden since I retired last June and no longer drawing a salary. I was prepared for this to be a cumbersome process but Denise and Heather exceeded my expectations and delivered results by year end. Team was very timely, responsive, and professional addressing my concerns and handling the entire process. I highly recommend!

    - Mike S.

  • I recommend Denise highly!
    Denise Mirman advised me in the time-sharing case for my child, and if you want the best, look no further. Denise has seen cases from so many angles over so many years, and this makes all the difference when it comes to making intelligent and effective decisions with your case. Denise is detail-oriented and responsive. In something as personal as family law, it's reassuring to know that your attorney values your case so strongly and faithfully. You will also find that she has the perfect pitch of being caring and patient but also direct and assertive. She will calm your nerves and get the job done. I recommend Denise highly!

    - Eric T.

  • Every dollar I spent on representation by Friedman and Mirman was money well spent.
    For my divorce case, I chose the Friedman and Mirman firm on the recommendation of the Dean of the law school at Ohio State. Based on my co-parent's behavior, I anticipated that trial might be a possibility, and I wanted a firm with the level of experience necessary to navigate that eventuality. Heather represented me masterfully for nearly two years in what became a protracted and high-conflict divorce case. Her steady professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge of the law helped me feel protected and supported despite my toxic situation. Working with Heather, the co-parenting coach, and our guardian ad litem, I could feel confident I was doing everything possible to make a clear, calm future for my kids despite a difficult situation and lack of cooperation on the other side. Heather worked tirelessly to create a detailed shared parenting plan that addressed every particular of our situation. The SPP created enforceable boundaries and accountability that will make a difference for my family over the coming years. She also persisted and negotiated a fair financial settlement, staying clear and firm in the face of unreasonable positions. After two years of struggle, we finally reached a settlement. I hoped to avoid trial from the start, but when it seemed like trial was inevitable, I knew I was in good hands. I have no doubt that Heather would have made a powerful case and would have pressed for every possible benefit and support for my kids and me. Heather has the knowledge and networking skills to help clients navigate difficult divorces. She's strategic, savvy, funny, and confident. Her intuition is as excellent as her legal research. By listening to her guidance, a client can get through even the messiest divorce. My interactions with partners, paralegals, receptionists, and others at the Friedman and Mirman firm were also positive without exception. This divorce has been incredibly expensive--I'll be recovering financially for years---but there is NO PRICE too high for freedom. Every dollar I spent on representation by Friedman and Mirman was money well spent.

    - Former Client