A man trying to mediate a discussion between another man and a woman

An Overview of Divorce Mediation

A Different Way of Resolving Issues

Couples considering divorce have several options available to them as to how they want to work through the process. One of those options is mediation, a process where the parties come together with a mediator to discuss the divorce and try to reach an agreement. This blog post will provide an overview of the divorce mediation process in Ohio, the benefits of mediation, and how this process can help reduce stress during this difficult time.

The Basics of the Mediation Process

In Ohio, mediation is a process where a couple can sit down with a certified mediator to discuss the terms of their divorce. The mediator ultimately does not make any decisions for the couple; instead, they help facilitate an open discussion so that the couple can come to an agreement about their divorce on their own.

Almost any topic related to divorce can be discussed in mediation, including the following:

  • Division of assets and debts

  • Spousal support/alimony

  • Child custody and visitation schedules

  • Parenting time (also known as "shared parenting" time)

  • Child support

  • Health insurance

Whether you are considering divorce or have already filed the necessary paperwork, it is important to understand all of your options. Mediation may be a good option if you and your spouse can communicate openly and want to come to an agreement on your own.

How Mediation Works

Mediation sessions typically last two to three hours, although some may be shorter or longer depending on how complex the issues being discussed are or how agreeable you and your spouse are. You and your spouse will likely need to attend several mediation sessions before coming to an agreement on all aspects of your divorce.

In mediation, you will work with a mediator who is trained to help you resolve your divorce without going to court. The mediator will help you identify what needs to be resolved and will facilitate discussion between you and your spouse.

In mediation, you and your spouse have the opportunity to share your perspectives on the issues and brainstorm possible solutions. The mediator will ultimately help you reach an agreement that is acceptable to both of you.

If you and your spouse can come to terms on an agreement during mediation, the mediator will help you craft a settlement agreement that both you and your spouse can sign. Once signed, this settlement agreement is binding, meaning that you cannot go back and change it later. If you and your spouse cannot come to terms on an agreement during mediation, you can still proceed with divorce litigation.

Why Choose Mediation?

There are many benefits to mediation, including:

  • Often less expensive than going to court.

  • Takes less time than going to court.

  • You and your spouse have more control over the outcome of your divorce in mediation.

  • In mediation, you and your spouse can be creative in coming up with solutions that work best for your family.

  • The process is confidential; what you and your spouse say in mediation stays in mediation.

  • Can be used to resolve any issue related to your divorce, including child custody, visitation, support, and division of property.

  • You can mediate your divorce even if you have already started the divorce process in court.

Work With an Attorney for Mediation

If you are considering mediation for your divorce, you'll want to work with an experienced attorney. Mediation can be very effective in resolving the issues in your divorce, but it's important to have an attorney on your side who will protect your interests. Your attorney can help you negotiate a fair settlement that meets all of your needs.

At Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A., our attorneys understand the value of mediation and will work to find a solution that meets our clients' needs. We will work with you to identify your needs and achieve your goals throughout the process.

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